Jewish Children's Literature in France


  • Susie Morgenstern


jewish children's literature, French children's literature


Due to the tombstone desecration inci­dents in the cemetery in Carpentras, head­ line stories in early 1990 furnished quantities of information on the long his­ tory of the Jews in France. Starting from the Roman period, we are told all the usual ups and downs-mostly the downs, with the forced baptisms, expulsions, slaugh­ ters, accusations, and disasters that Jewish history everywhere features. The ups are the moments when Jewish learn­ ing and literary efforts flourished, as in the 11th century in Troyes, where Rashi was France's—and perhaps Judaism's­ greatest commentator on the Bible and Talmud. The newspapers mentioned the emancipation of 1791; the Dreyfus trial in 1894; Leon Blum, the first Jewish prime minister of France; the battleground of the Second World War; and the perpetual bat­tle and tenacity of being Jewish.


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Author Biography

Susie Morgenstern

Dr. Susie Morgenstern is an American who has resided in France since the late 1960s. She completed her doctorate at the Fac­ulte des Lettres et Sciences Humaines (Nice), where her dissertation was on "Phantasms of Contemporary Jewish Writ­ers in France and the USA." Author of twenty-six children's books published in France, she has won "Le Grand Prix du Livre pour la Jeunesse" for C'est pas juste!, the "Prix Loisirs-Jeunes" for Un an­ niversaire en pomme de terre, and the "Prix 1000 Jeunes Lecteurs" for Oukélé la télé and Les deux moitiés de l'amitié. Her books La sixieme and Les deux moitiés de l'amitié were selected as top non-sexist books by the Ministere des droits de la femme. Although her books have been translated into many languages, only one has been translated into English (It's Not Fair), and another into Hebrew (Ima, Aba, ha-Musikah ve-Ani).




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