Editorial Team

Editor in Chief: Rachel Leket-Mor
Arizona State University Library

Copyediting: Nancy Sack
University of Hawai'i at Manoa Library

Editorial Board

  • Zachary M. Baker
    Stanford University Libraries, Emeritus
  • Annette Goldsmith
    Kent State University School of Information
  • Rachel Heuberger
    University Library Frankfurt, Emeritus
  • Rebecca Jefferson
    University of Florida Libraries
  • Arthur Kiron
    University of Pennsylvania Libraries
  • James Rosenbloom
    Brandeis University Libraries, Retired
  • Nadav Sharon
    University of Tornoto Libraries

Founding Editor: Bella Hass Weinberg (1983)

Bella Hass Weinberg and Marcia W. Posner (Co-Editors): Vols. 1–4
Bella Hass Weinberg (Editor-in-Chief): Vols. 5–10
Linda Lerman (Editor), Leah Adler (Associate Editor): Vol. 11
Zachary M. Baker (Editor), Barry Dov Walfish (Associate Editor for RAS): Vols. 12–13
Zachary M. Baker (Editor): Vols. 14–16/17 (a double issue)