Kindertransport: A Happy Ending?

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Olga Levy Drucker


In early 1939, at age eleven, the author was sent from her native Stuttgart, Germany, on a Children's Transport to England, where she remained for the next six years, living with strangers. Kindertransport, her autobiography, was conceived as a book for young adults at the 50th reunion in London in June 1989. This paper deals with historical as well as emotional aspects of this part of the Holocaust. It points out the existence of intolerance in today's world, and asks whether a repetition of the atrocities of the thirties and forties can be prevented, both in our time and in the future.


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Levy Drucker, Olga. 1994. “Kindertransport: A Happy Ending?”. Judaica Librarianship 8 (1-2), 95-96.
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