The Changing Landscape of Hebraica Cataloging

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Daniel Lovins


Hebraica catalogers, like other librarians, are witnessing a major shift in their profession. Catalog records for physical objects in the library are increasingly giving way to metadata for digital objects on the web. The RLG Union Catalog, a mainstay of Hebraica cataloging since 1988, has been absorbed into OCLC's WorldCat. Rapid advances in information technology are driving the development of a new international cataloging code, the introduction of multiple languages and scripts in online authority records, and the emergence of a "Virtual International Authority File." While these changes are redefining the kind of work Hebraica catalogers are engaged in, expertise in authority control and subject analysis remain essential elements in the emerging global network of libraries.


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Lovins, Daniel. 2008. “The Changing Landscape of Hebraica Cataloging”. Judaica Librarianship 14 (1), 1-13.
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