Johann Heinrich Hottinger and the Systematic Organization of Jewish Literature

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Seth Jerchower
Heidi G Lerner


The authors explore the influence of the Swiss theologian, Orientalist, and Christian Hebraist, Johann Heinrich Hottinger, who preceded Shabbetai Bass in developing and implementing a classified Hebraica-Judaica bibliography. His ideas and theories have heretofore not been closely examined by Judaica bibliographers or researchers of Jewish intellectual history. Hottinger’s innovation was his degree of abstraction: that of analyzing a collection according to its contents. A study of his theories and classification systems can stimulate and encourage a renewed look at early practices and offer insights that can be relevant to current research. Unless otherwise noted, translations from the original Latin, Hebrew, and other languages are the authors’.


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Jerchower, Seth, and Heidi Lerner. 2007. “Johann Heinrich Hottinger and the Systematic Organization of Jewish Literature”. Judaica Librarianship 13 (1), 1-25.
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