Classic Papers: Feinstein Lecture Series



The Rosaline and Meyer Feinstein Foundation Lecture series was introduced in 1996 by the Council of Archives and Research Libraries in Jewish Studies (CARLJS) and its sponsor, the National Foundation for Jewish Culture (NFJC). The lectures are presented during the annual convention of the Association of Jewish Libraries (AJL), addressing any topic within the broad scope of Judaica bibliography. The first four lectures were published by the NFJC in a pamphlet series. Through an agreement with CARLJS and NFJC, these four annual lectures and subsequent ones are to appear in Judaica Librarianship (JL). While JL does not normally republish works, the journal offers greater access through indexing and abstracting services as well as microfilm and online services that will enhance access to these important contributions to Judaica librarianship through the profession's most gifted and esteemed colleagues The lectures were not reedited.


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