Some Problems of Ladino/Judezmo Romanization

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Zachary M Baker


While ALA/LC standards have been developed for the Romanization of Hebrew and Yiddish for bibliographic purposes, the lack of such a standard for the Romanization of Ladino/Judezmo impedes access to materials in that language. The distinctiveness of Ladino/Judezmo argues that it be treated on its own terms, and not as merely derivative of its principal components, Spanish and Hebrew. This article establishes the rationale for an ALA/LC standard for the Romanization of Ladino/Judezmo and suggests sources that could serve as its basis.


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Baker, Zachary. 1995. “Some Problems of Ladino/Judezmo Romanization”. Judaica Librarianship 9 (1), 48-56.
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