The experience of compiling a bibliography of American Jewish liturgy from the establishment of the press through 1925 is discussed. The parameters of the bibliography are detailed as well as its contents. The present lack of complete or systematic documentation of American Jewish liturgy in Judaica libraries is noted. Also discussed is the significance of liturgy for the study of American Jews, their religious and cultural identity, as well as their demographics.

This paper details the experience of compiling a bibliography of American Jewish liturgy through 1925, and describes some of the parameters and contents of the bibliography. This bibliography was published by Hebrew Union College Press in late 1997 under the title American Jewish Liturgies: A Bibliography of American Jewish Liturgy from the Establishment of the Press in the Colonies through 1925.

Author Biography & Related Information

Sharona R. Wachs has worked as a librarian in a number of institutions, including Spertus College of Judaica, Brooklyn College, Florida lnternational University, Yeshiva University, and Rensselaer Polytechnic lnstitute. She is currently a Monographic Cataloger and Judaic Studies Bibliographer at the University at Albany, where she has worked since 1988.