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The codex or so-called manuscript book, the precursor to the printed book, thrived in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. The task of the codicologist is to analyze and describe the physical features סf the codex, or in the words סf Professor Malachi Beit-Arie, Director of the Hebrew Paleography Project at the Jewish National University Library in Jerusalem, to conduct an "archaeological examination" of a codex so that it may be correctly localized and dated. This paper explains and illustrates the most prominent features of Hebrew codicology.

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David Kerschen is Director of the Yeshurun Library, P.O.B. 7018, Jerusalem 91079. Fax (02) 6258631; email: bmorasha@inter.net.il.


This digitized version of the article includes a corrected page (p. 49) sent to AJL members in November 2000 as replacement for the printed page, from which Figure 6b was omitted by mistake.

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