About Association of Jewish Libraries Publishing

Association of Jewish Libraries Publishing has been published since 1983. It supersedes the AJL Bulletin, which ceased publication with vol. 17. The founding co-editors of Judaica Librarianship, Bella Hass Weinberg and Marcia W. Posner, edited volumes 1-10; volume 11 was edited by Linda Lerman and co-edited by Leah Adler; Zachary M. Baker, with Barry Walfish as associate editor for RAS, edited volumes 12 and 13. Zachary M. Baker edited volumes 14, 15, and 16/17 (a double issue). Starting with volume 18, the editor of Judaica Librarianship is Rachel Leket-Mor.

Links to the index to volumes 1-10 and tables of contents for volumes 12-16/17 are available below.
Index to volumes 1-10
Vol. 16/17 - 2012 Table of Contents
Vol. 15 - 2009 Table of Contents
Vol. 14 - 2008 Table of Contents
Vol. 13 - 2007 Table of Contents
Vol. 12 - 2006 Table of Contents